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GT Technologies was built on a long history of valvetrain product and manufacturing excellence, with roots dating back to the early 1900’s. As a bearing manufacturer, GT Technologies was a market pioneer in developing the manufacturing process to produce high volume complex crown bearings for reduced contact stress in high load bearing applications.

Already well established as a valvetrain manufacturer by the mid-50’s, we developed the metal chemistry and manufacturing process for flat tappets, eliminating the need for a separate tappet cam face component, even in high performance applications. In 1987, GT Technologies introduced the first stamped roller finger follower, revolutionizing the industry with improvements in valvetrain inertia, stiffness, and cost.

Even in today’s high tech environment of variable valve actuation, GT Technologies holds a significant industry position in the number patent awards and continues to provide leading edge valvetrain systems and components developed specifically to suit our customer’s applications.


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